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Bamboo Forks

Bamboo Forks

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Plastic Utensil Alternative For Restaurants


An eco-friendly option for restaurants, parties and events

About 40 billion plastic utensils are thrown away each year. These single use plastics have been under intense scrutiny for a while and finally, Canada is making laws to prevent such needless waste.

Soon, all single use plastics will be banned, so it's time to start switching to something more sustainable🌿


Bamboo cutlery is disposable and biodegradable

Bamboo is a natural alternative to plastic. Our cutlery can be thrown in a compost to break down and return to where it came from - mother nature 🌎


What to expect:

Durable: Bamboo's tensile strength is unmatched. These are heavy duty and not flimsy.

Won't affect taste: No pastey mouth or wood like aftertaste.

No splinters in your mouth: The smooth finish on our cutlery will ensure anyone using them will be focused on the food, not the slivers in their tongue.


Let your guests focus on the quality of their food and not be distracted by the quality of their utensils.


Perfect for food trucks, street vendors, take out restaurants, catering companies and events.

This page is for forks only

To order a full set or to find other individual utensils, check out our collections page found here

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