A king size bed visual reference in a room with people in the bed

All about bed sizes in Canada and the USA

A Comprehensive Bed Size Guide

Bedsheets are our specialty, but what bed sizes will they fit best on? 🛏️

Sleeping is something we all do, everyday, so it's important to make sure you set yourself up for success and that all starts with picking the right bed.

With so many options that are so similar, this sometimes sounds like an easier task than it is.


Is a twin big enough for an adult? Is a full size bed the same size as a double size bed? Is a king size bed too big? 


Which is the perfect bed size for you?

If you're in the market for a new bed, you might be unsure of what size is best for you. Before you choose one, think about how much space you need to sleep, who will be sleeping with you, and how much space you have in your room for a bed. You don't want a giant bed in a tiny room - this will leave you with no place for night stands, dressers or anything else you might need. Your choice of sheets will come after you pick your perfect bed but below are the main factors you should keep in mind before buying a bed and bed sheets.

  • Who will sleep in the bed

  • Your body size

  • Your room Size

  • Your Budget

This bed size guide will hopefully help you to understand and visualize the different options available so that you can maximize your bedroom environment and get yourself the perfect bed. The four common bed sizes found in Canada and the USA are:

Twin Bed Size

Twin size bed diagram visualization in a room for reference with a person in the bed

Bed Dimensions: 39*75 inches or 99*190cm

Also referred to as a Single size bed but shorter than a Twin XL. A Twin bed is ideal for a child or short adult who has limited space in their bedroom. A Twin sized bed has a width of 39 inches and a length of 75 inches long (99cmx190cm). 

This bed size requires an a room with an area of 8x9 feet but we reccomend at least a room that's 9x10 feet so that there's room to move around when furniture such as a dresser or small table is added.

Full Bed Size

Full size bed diagram visualization in room for reference with a person in the bed

Bed Dimensions: 54*75 inches or 137*190.5cm

Also referred to as a Double size bed, a Full sized bed is ideal for a single adult who sleeps alone (or with their pets) or for two small children to share. Couples should avoid a Full size bed since it is broader than Twin but a tight squeeze for two people. It is both convenient for young adults and the finest option for guest bedrooms.

We reccomend this bed size in a room that's 10x12 feet but the minimum space requirment for this bed is 9x10 feet.

Queen bed size

Queen size bed diagram visualization in room for reference with people in bed

Bed Dimensions: 60*80 inches or 152.5*203cm 

The Queen size bed is the most common bed size in both Canada and the USA because it provides adequate space for both couples and single people who want to move around. This option is ideal if your a sprawler who sleeps alone or want to snuggle with a partner or a dog 🐶

If you want space to walk around, have a night stand, a reading chair and a dresser, the minimum room size for a queen bed is 10x10 feet. A bed this size will fit nicely in a room up to 10x14 feet.

Paired with a set of Vearthy Bamboo Lyocell Bed Sheets, this is a great and popular choice for a growing teenager, a guest room, a single person, or a couple.

King bed size

King size bed diagram visualization in room with family in bed for reference

Bed Dimensions: 78*80 inches or 198*203cm

As the name implies, a King size bed fits two comfortably or a single like royalty. 

This is the ultimate option if you want lots of space. Although not longer than a Queen size bed, a Long size bed is much wider. There will be room for 2 people to sprawl with room for a pet or let a couple kids jump in for a comfortable snuggle session. 

A bed this size requires a minimum of room size of 10x12 feet. We recommend having this bed in a room which is 13x13 feet which will accommodate two night stands a dresser and give you some extra space to move about. A 78-inch-wide, 80-inch-long bed with bamboo bed sheet will keep you relaxed and give you more than enough space to move.


Now that you've got your bed sizes sorted, what about your sheets?


Are better sheets worth it?

The short answer is yes, high quality sheets are a worth while investment. They can offer properties like being temperature regulating, anti-bacterial and even hypoallergenic.


Sweat Less Fabric

Everyone wants to sleep on a bed that is both comfortable and sweat-free. Did you know that you can sweet up to 1L of water at night? Generally, most people don't and are closer to 200-500ml but athletic, sick, stressed or those people suffering from night sweats can shed a water bottles worth of liquid in a single night. With most fabrics, this sweat will stick to the fabric and you might find yourself waking up in a puddle.  Bamboo textiles are becoming more popular as a replacement for standard cotton and polyester bed sheets due to their sweat-wicking properties. Bamboo fabric can absorb 40% more liquid than cotton keeping you cool, dry and comfortable all night long 😴

Never Sleep Hot Again

Vearthy Bamboo Lyocell bed sheets are anti-bacterial and temperature regulating. The porous and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo improve air circulation and eliminate excess heat for a consistently cooler sleep. This ensure a healthy bed, eliminates hidden allergies, and improves your skin with a fresh, cool feeling.

Silky, Soft Sleep

The level of softness you get from a set of Bamboo Lyocell bed sheets is hard to compare. It's silky and buttery, cool and lightweight. Most people don't even realize how much of an upgrade they are until they get a set themselves - then never want to go back. Bamboo bed sheets are a real game changer.
Due to overheating problems and un-thoughtfull production methods, traditional cotton sheets are no longer the first choice for most people and are less comfortable. Although Polyester can sometimes be softer, poor quality products can actually be scratchy and remember, polyester is 100% plastic - not something most people are looking for these days. Bamboo is becoming more popular as a result of its durability, simple cleaning instructions, antibacterial properties and unbelievable comfort. Bamboo bed sheets are soft and cool and should be the first choice for anyone who cares about their bed and is looking to get an amazing sleep. 

Check out our Premium Bamboo Lyocell Bed Sheets today and start sleeping better


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