Make bedtime better

Did you know that the average person will spend about 26 YEARS of their life sleeping?

Undoubtedly, night time is one of the most important aspects of your day.

Enhance your sleeping environment with a Bamboo Lyocell Bed Set from Vearthy and wake up feeling the difference.

Vearthy Bamboo Lyocell Bedding

bamboo lyocell bedding flowing and ultra breathable
Bamboo lyocell bedding from Vearthy
cozy home decor with vearthy bamboo bedding

Meet our fabric

Close up of vearthy bamboo lyocell pillowcase
Close up of smooth bamboo fabric from vearthy
high quality close up of bamboo bed sheets from vearthy

Luxuriously soft

What could a better sleep make possible for you?

Our sheets are dangerously comfortable. Guaranteed to be your new favourite. Try Us Risk Free

endless forest with waterfall

Close The Loop ♻️

We only have one home, which is why we prioritize Mother Nature and invest in low impact methods.

☑️ Our fabric is made from hyper renewable resources

☑️ Our chemicals are organic

☑️ Our water usage is minimal

☑️ 99% of our manufacturing wastewater is reused

☑️ We ship in compostable packaging

☑️ We ship carbon neutral

☑️ We contribute to global reforestation through OneTreePlanted

Bamboo and other tropical leaves hang down the screen, earthy green tones dominate

Why Bamboo?

The reason we choose to use bamboo for our fabric is simple. Bamboo is a hyper renewable resource and a carbon catching champ.

Because it's naturally pest resistant, pesticides and other nasty chemicals don't have to be used to encourage growth - bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth.

It's actually a type of grass but while it grows, it releases 30% more oxygen into the air than average hardwoods (trees).

Because some types of bamboo can grow up to 3ft per day, it is extremely easy to farm sustainability and because we choose to close the loop, we're able to bring you products with an almost negative environmental impact.

Learn more about bamboo here
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