About Us

Vearthy is a Canadian company that creates high quality, essential goods, in a low impact way. We strive to bring you things you need, while keeping a close eye on our environmental impacts.

We want to challenge the standard of how things are made by utilize highly renewable resources to make our products and low impact manufacturing processes. To try to minimize our impacts we use organic chemicals, ship carbon neutral, ship in compostable packing and support various carbon capture projects.

The thought process we put into each of our products is not only great for mother nature, its great for you. The result is a high quality item that you will love and use every day.

We're here to bring you something nice, and something that you need, in a way that doesn't propel us into a climate crisis. 



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Our vision

Vearthy was founded with the dream of helping shift consumerism from the use of highly unsustainable materials and practices - to the use of highly sustainable materials and environmentally positive practices.

By creating and promoting sustainably made goods and taking a moment to think about how what we do affects the environment around us, we hope to be one of many companies that chooses to put such emphasis on the environment in its business model and set this as the standard for how companies operate in the 21st century. 


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 An emphasis on sustainability

As we turn into the next century we can look outside and see the devastating effects of climate change. Over the past 40 years, our lack of understanding and care has put us into a dangerous situation that will effect both us and generations to come. Warmer summers, higher water levels and the decline of biodiversity around the world show us that we need to make changes to how we live our lives.

But what can the average person do?

This is where the idea of Vearthy all began.

To start, you can choose to buy items that are made from renewable resources or that are created with a second thought about their environmental impact. Sustainably made, re-usable, durable, biodegradable and simply made items are the key to making a positive change within the consumer industry and in turn - on a global scale.

We examined many resources to determine which would have the smallest environmental impact and discovered bamboo's incredibly versatile ability to be used as a material. It's natural, renewable, fast growing, can grow almost anywhere, can pull a serious amount of c02 out of the air and is often overlooked as a common material.

Once we found our material, we sat down to think about products that everyone uses everyday and what products people really need - you could say we lost sleep over it. Once we realized that bamboo can be spun into fabric through a natural process, we realized this is where bamboo's amazing natural properties could really shine.

During our research, we discovered there are two main ways to create the fabric from bamboo:

Viscose is the common processing method which involves dumping a vat of chemicals (such as carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide and/or sulfuric acid) into a pile of bamboo pulp to extract the fibers. This method is very dangerous to the workers involved and the chemicals are often not disposed of properly. This means there is a high potential to contaminate groundwater and something we really don't want.

Lyocell is the process that we use. This production method uses an organic solvent to dissolve the plant pulp and is a "closed loop" system which allows the solution to be used over and over again. This creates a truly organic fabric that you can feel good about draping over you for 6-8 hours a day. 


Our promise

As we grow and look forward, Vearthy will continue to keep up to date with current environmental information and look to scholarly and professional thought and advise. 

We are continually looking for ways to improve and lessen our impact on the planet.


Behind the sheet

 Vearthy Founder Jordan Dooley in a Bamboo Forest Dreamt up and founded by Jordan Dooley, Vearthy's values of environmental responsibility stem directly for his love of the natural world. 
Jordan, originally from a small town in Ontario called Orillia, spent most of his days growing up playing outside. Growing up in a town on a lake made for lots of days spent on the water and frequent trips to visit family up in Manitoulin Island gave the opportunity for lots of outdoor experiences. 
In 2015 Jordan moved west to explore British Columbia, attending an Adventure Tourism program in Golden, B.C. 
Since then, he has been a tour guide in Jasper, Alberta, Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C., Sooke, B.C. and currently works as a Park Ranger with BC Parks in Sechelt, British Columbia when he's not managing the company. 

Vearthy is a small Canadian company that was founded in Courtenay, British Columbia in early 2021 and is proudly 100% indigenous owned.


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